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Shipping Self Setup Chuppah Package

Shipping a Chuppah: A Seamless Journey to Your Special Day

Selection: Begin by exploring our exquisite collection of chuppah designs and choose the one that resonates with your wedding vision.

Shipping Arrangements: Contact our dedicated team to discuss your shipping needs. We'll calculate costs and estimate delivery times based on your location.

Secure Packaging: To ensure your chuppah's safety during transit, we use sturdy packaging materials, providing maximum protection throughout the journey.

Tracking: Once shipped, you'll receive a tracking number, allowing you to monitor your chuppah's progress until it reaches your specified address.

Unboxing & Self-Setup: When your chuppah arrives, unbox it with excitement. Follow our clear instructions to easily set up the chuppah, embracing the beauty of tradition at your own pace.

Cherish the Moment: As you exchange your vows beneath the chuppah's loving canopy, relish in the significance of this cherished tradition, knowing your chuppah traveled with care to be a part of your special day.

Returning/Shipping the Chuppah Back:

Packing Up: After your joyous celebration, carefully disassemble the chuppah and pack it securely using the original packaging materials.

Return Shipping Arrangements: Get in touch with our team to arrange the return shipping of the chuppah. We'll guide you on the process and provide all necessary details.

Drop-Off or Pickup: You can either drop off the chuppah at a designated location or schedule a pickup with our shipping partner.

Tracking: Once the chuppah is on its way back, you'll receive a return tracking number, allowing you to monitor its journey back to us.

Safe Arrival: Rest assured, your chuppah will be carefully received and inspected by our team to ensure its excellent condition for future celebrations.

Grateful Memories: As you bid farewell to your chuppah, cherish the memories it helped create, knowing that it will continue to bring joy to other couples in their beautiful love stories.

At Chuppah Haven, we aim to make the shipping process as seamless as possible, from delivery to your special day to its safe return. Our commitment to quality ensures that your cherished tradition remains a part of countless beautiful celebrations to come.


Rental Includes

- Chuppah Frame

- White Canopy

- Mallet



-6' x 6' x  7.5'

Shipping and Self Setup Chuppah

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