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Cape Cod Oak Chuppah_edited.jpg

The Pine Chuppah

Pine is a softwood often used for chuppahs due to its evergreen nature, which represents the couple's hope for a long-lasting and flourishing marriage.

Pine Chuppah

The Oak Chuppah

Oak is a highly traditional wood used for chuppahs due to its strength and durability. Well known for its longevity, oak is considered a symbol of stability and strength which represents the couple's desire for a strong and lasting marriage.

Cherry Chuppah

The Cherry Chuppah

Cherry wood is an elegant hardwood that is known for its natural beauty and warm reddish brown color.

Oak Chuppah

The Birch Chuppah

Birch trees are often associated with renewal, new beginnings, and purification in many cultures, making them a symbolic representation of change and growth.

Birch Chuppah
The Walnut Cuppah