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Our Family Chuppah Rental Services

At Our Family Chuppah, we pride ourselves on offering a premium chuppah rental experience that surpasses the ordinary. Here's why our service stands out from the rest:

Handcrafted Elegance:

Our chuppahs are not just store-bought; they are meticulously handcrafted by an award-winning fine furniture maker, exuding timeless beauty that will perfectly complement your wedding. Every Chuppah is designed to be extremely sturdy and stable, capable of holding over a 100lbs of floral and fabric decorations.

Perfectly Proportioned:

We understand the significance of the chuppah in your wedding ceremony. Each chuppah is proportioned to perfection, creating a picturesque setting for your special moment. Our chuppahs are designed to be spacious and tall, ensuring your wedding ceremony photos capture a spectacular sight that you'll appreciate when looking back at them. 

Professional Setup Team:

Our chuppah setup specialists are trained to be discreet, and efficient, and blend seamlessly into the background. With immaculate black uniforms and expertise in hanging Tallits, they ensure your chuppah is set up flawlessly, leaving you with peace of mind.


Timeless Photography:

Choosing us means not just a beautiful chuppah, but also timeless and unforgettable photography. Our chuppahs are picture-perfect, ensuring the photos taken by your photographer will be cherished forever.

Higher-End Experience:

We deliver a higher-end experience that surpasses competitors. From start to finish, we prioritize your needs, exceeding your expectations with every detail. Whether you need a prompt takedown time or want to use your prayer shawl, your satisfaction is our priority. We listen to your needs, pay attention to the details, and work to bring your vision to life with every chuppah we provide.

We Treat You Like Family

Your wedding deserves perfection, and the ceremony photos you take will be looked at for generations. Let us create an extraordinary setting that will leave a lasting impression on your hearts. Choose us, and together, we'll make your special day one to remember for a lifetime.

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